Monday, 14 May 2012


it’s been one hell
of a weekend
my Dad was recently
looking at properties
for sale in the area
on the interweb
and he came across
one he thought looked
pretty nice
It’s a two bedroom
bungalow with 7 acres
in one of the villages
when he mentioned this
place to my Mum she said

“Yeah, me and Peter
looked at that. We were
going to buy it if you died.”

Morbid much?
Dad’s reaction was
something along the
lines of
“Oh, thanks a bunch.”

Not that he can talk

On Saturday I was in a shop
in town with him and he
was showing me
this wooden box
he had spotted the
previous week
he turns to me and says

“I saw this here last week
and looked at it and thought,
this kind of thing would be
good for storing my ashes
in on the mantelpiece,
before I opened it up
and realised it was a
jewellery box.”

Anyway, on Friday I
went up to the Kings
Treatment Centre up at
the Royal Derby Hospital
the news isn’t great
more surgery this week
but whatchoo gonna do ‘eh?

He’ll be alright really

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