Saturday, 28 April 2012

Shut up and kiss me

'I'm in lesbians with you'

I don't know that is wrong with me at the moment
I don't seem to be able to stop watching
ridiculously soppy love films
that make me cry
a lot 

It's almost as if I'm turning in
to a person with real
feelings or something


Friday, 27 April 2012


Crying won't help you now

Monday, 23 April 2012

Popcorn, innit

I'm pretty easily confused
and this new layout thing
has pretty much blown my mind

Today has been amusing
Apparently I have
'a way with words'
I've still not figured out 
if this is a good 
thing or not...

I've been annoying the
people I work with by
singing all day

My mum has been 
cracking me up this 
She rang because she
had just read my 
self-pitying post from
a few days ago
and like Grace 
she wanted to tell me 
that I'm not shit
(which is good to know)
and then I guess we
had a little bit of
what could be called 
'a bitching session'
But I enjoyed it
and it made me laugh

It's strange being on my own

Thursday, 19 April 2012


In response to yesterdays post
I received this text:

"I have just seen your blog and need to categorically tell you that you are not, never have been and never will be shit in any kind of way. Do you hear me Wilde?! YOU ARE NOT SHIT! I'll tell you what's shit; exams, they're shit. And so are negative bank balances. Baking failures are shit, as is lemonade from Morrisons. Totally shit. Shit is shit, it's stinky and sticky and shit. Those things are all shit. You, my dearest friend, are NOT."

This has made my evening
and has made me laugh
more than anything in the
last few months

I love you Grapes


Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Condoms and Mouthwash

Today I am feeling sorry for myself. I'm being totally pathetic and I really just want to bitch slap myself across the face and tell myself to man up, but not even that is working today. I feel like I've been shit recently. I've been a shit daughter, I've been a shit friend.
I've just been shit and I feel ridiculously guilty for that.
I'm in desperate need of a hug, my little brother gives the best hugs ever. I'm so poor I can't afford to go up and get one. I checked it on google maps, and it would only take me 3 days and 6 hours to walk it. I'm considering it as an option. Alternatively, I could walk to my sisters, but that would take 4 days and 2 hours.
Remind me again why I moved so far away?

Sunday, 15 April 2012


This has been a pretty epic
long weekend
It's involved watching
a lot of movies
which is ace


You wouldn't believe my
flat was spotless
at the start of the week

I feel like this weekend
has been an escape from
reality, which I really
needed, but it's made me
feel a little guilty for
neglecting what's really
going on right now
Now I'm left feeling a
little selfish I guess


I've enjoyed making other
people happy though
some people seem to
take themselves too
seriously sometimes
letting go feels so good
and I'm glad I can talk
such utter shit all the time


Thursday, 12 April 2012

Hells Bells

I'm pretty sure I have
recently been referred to
as a 'really nice girl'

I like that
It makes me smile
Today is a good day
Daddykins is
back home

I need to take some
more pictures
for the wall

Monday, 9 April 2012

Stick It.

First things first.
Happy Easter

You know, I didn't get a
single easter egg this year
I guess that's what
growing up is all about


I've been going through my camera
and I found these photographs
and they made me happy

It's Joe and Alex
they are both ace
and provided I'm not a
total idiot, if you click
their names it should
take you to their websites


I'm not going to lie
I'm currently listening
to this very loud

Some times I think
I am just a little bit
too cool for school