Thursday, 1 March 2012

Today I've spent the day out with
my dad, walking in dimmingsdale
It was a wonderful day
and the weather was beautiful

The conversation evolved around
two main subject areas:
Camera shutter speeds
Surgery vs Radiotherapy
All in all it made for a bit of
a mixed afternoon
But it was still enjoyable
Today we've been out taking
pictures with my late grandfathers
camera, which my dad is giving to
me as a graduation present
My grandfather died many many
years ago, of the same cancer my
dad has recently been diagnosed with
Since the day I was told about my dad
I started wearing my late grandmothers
locket, which she left me in her will
Even though I would probably never
admit this to my dad, today it felt between
the camera and the locket that I was
carrying them around with me
and that made me feel stronger
Check me out being all spiritual
Never thought I'd see the day

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