Tuesday, 21 February 2012

I'll let you tear it up

I'm feeling pretty beat
It's like I'm reverting back
to my teenage years
because listening to loud
angry music is helping

My dad has cancer
That's what is going on in
my world at the moment

It's been a weird couple of weeks
travelling back and forth

I think in reality my mum is barely holding
it together, partly because she is
under the impression that
her first born hates her
I've told her that I don't think
that is the case really
but I don't think it helps

Also, I appear to have come a little late
to the whole Salam Pax phenomenon
But I'm reading the Baghdad Blog at
moment and it's amazing

One thing I've discovered about myself
recently is that I hate sorting through photographs
I love taking them, and probably take too many
But I hate having to go through them

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