Thursday, 31 March 2011


By Wednesday we had to send an artist
statement and one image of our work
to the guy who is making the catalogue for
the degree show...

This is the image I used
I like to keep things nice and vague

Monday, 28 March 2011

It's a Charmed Life

On the 26th March 2011
Diana Wynne Jones
Passed away

I only found out today and it's
made me quite sad
Neil Gaiman wrote a beautiful
journal entry dedicated to her


Sunday, 27 March 2011

What's that coming over your head?

Just as I promised
from Jessica's shoot

It was an awesome day
and I'm sure as soon as Jess
has made some more costumes
we'll be doing another one

Over the water

On Thursday I went to the woods
on a photo shoot for my friend Jess

I was modelling one of her beautiful creations
(I'll give you a link to her blog once the pictures are up)

Whilst out in the woods I came across this sign
and it reminded me of my Dad...
He collects images of signs in nature

Lopwell Dam

Chocolate and Milk

Things have just been ticking over recently

Yesterday I finished the draft of the
second chapter of my dissertation

The weather is lovely

Saturday, 19 March 2011

This one goes out to Peter

If I'm ever having a bad day
I just listen to this and think of
my younger brother and it
always makes me smile

Thank you

Make it, mend it, wear it out

Make shift studio in the studio

I was photographing objects
for my current project
here is how one of them turned out

Royal William Yard

Friday, 18 March 2011

One Life. Live it.

The last few days have been so beautiful I was
starting to think spring was here
But today it isn't

The daffodils are dying

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Bizarre contact sports

As I'm sure you are more than aware
yesterday was Shrove Tuesday
Which to people in the Midlands means
so much more than just lots and
lots of pancakes


It's time for Shrovetide

Royal Shrovetide Football
takes place every year on Shrove Tuesday
and Ash Wednesday in Ashbourne, Derbyshire
Although the exact origins of the game are
unknown, it is thought that it was played
as far back as the 12th Century

It's been referred to as 'Royal' since 1928
when the then Prince of Wales
[later King Edward VIII]
came to join in the game

In keeping with it's Royal title
the 2003 game was begun by Prince Charles

The game is divided up in to two teams
Up'Ards and Down'Ards

The Rules:
NO murder/manslaughter or unnecessary violence
NO carrying ball via a motorised vehicle
NO hiding of ball in bag/coat/rucksack
NO playing in town cemeteries/churchyard/memorial gardens
NO playing after 10pm
and finally
To score a goal the ball must be tapped
three times within the goal area

So if you're in the area next year...
Get stuck in

Relapsing encephalopathy

Monday was a beautiful day
Jess, Katie and I took our lunch break outside...
That basically consisted of eating
chocolate in the sunshine
It was great

Also, I love this tree in the courtyard

Royal William Yard

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Carrying pictures of chairman Mao

I know I don't tend to put all that much
work of my own up on here...

But this is a pen and ink drawing I did yesterday
of the replica of Michelangelo's David in the
Piazza Della Signoria, Florence


Once again, have a happy Tuesday