Monday, 6 December 2010

It's been a long long time...

Jess has told me I should just
write fuck a lot of times over and
over again as an 'artistic statement'
I think she is full of crap!
Not that what I am going to write
will be any more exciting than if
I did just fill a post with several

So I know you are all thinking
"What on earth has Kat been doing
during this extended period
of blog silence?"
The answer is quite a lot actually
Not that I have any photos of these
various things to share with my faithful few

I know it's December, but I'm going to
talk about my summer

Me and Jake celebrated our 3 year anniversary
We went to Salisbury

In July I went in to hospital and had
surgery on my foot

It was pretty gross and painful.
I also had a birthday!
I got...
A wicker picnic hamper
A watch with 12 interchangeable ribbon straps
The day I swapped my Dad for two Goldfish
Porco Rosso
A book on J M W Turner
Kitty Jay
Chocolate brownies in a jar
Russian dolls brooch
Bath Bomb
LDN postcard
Lots of other things that I can't
remember right now

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