Friday, 24 December 2010

Maybe you've noticed...

It's Christmas

Last week we woke up to our first snowfall here
this winter. I know the rest of the country has
had it for months already... But this was our first day
and it was a very exciting time :)
We had a snowball fight

These are my home made Christmas cards. When I made
them I never thought I would actually see Plymouth
Hoe looking this Christmasy and white...

This is a picture I took on Wednesday (22/12) of the hoe
This image sums up Christmas 2010
I love it!

[Also, Jess has told me to point out that this is a totally
unedited photograph... Straight from my camera to your eyes]

When I was back up to Staffordshire in October I went to
my friend Grace's house and we made decorations
out of paper clay. Here's one of mine on the tree

Now all that needs to be done is the present opening

x x x

Monday, 6 December 2010

In the brioche case

36 Things

Procrastination may well be the thief of time
but sometimes it can result in moments of sheer
genius. It was procrastination that inspired my
project for the next year... 36 things describing my life
Starting with 36 drawings of items in my studio space

Any actual work..?

During the holiday I spent the majority
of my time on crutches...
During the five weeks I was incapacitated
for I took a photograph of my feet
one every day for 36 days

I recorded the time at which I took each
photograph and also all the painkillers I consumed

It's been a long long time...

Jess has told me I should just
write fuck a lot of times over and
over again as an 'artistic statement'
I think she is full of crap!
Not that what I am going to write
will be any more exciting than if
I did just fill a post with several

So I know you are all thinking
"What on earth has Kat been doing
during this extended period
of blog silence?"
The answer is quite a lot actually
Not that I have any photos of these
various things to share with my faithful few

I know it's December, but I'm going to
talk about my summer

Me and Jake celebrated our 3 year anniversary
We went to Salisbury

In July I went in to hospital and had
surgery on my foot

It was pretty gross and painful.
I also had a birthday!
I got...
A wicker picnic hamper
A watch with 12 interchangeable ribbon straps
The day I swapped my Dad for two Goldfish
Porco Rosso
A book on J M W Turner
Kitty Jay
Chocolate brownies in a jar
Russian dolls brooch
Bath Bomb
LDN postcard
Lots of other things that I can't
remember right now